Started in April 2011 in Alameda, CA, Luma League has made and deployed bilirubin phototherapy lights (commonly called “bili lights”), and the calibration meters that go with them, to hospitals in Achham, Nepal; Goma, D.R. Congo; and St.-Marc, Haiti.

Our focus is on finding local innovators in the developing world to partner with, to build not just bili lights, but the local expertise to construct, repair, and maintain bili lights… and in the future, other medical technologies.

For a detailed explanation of bilirubin phototherapy, please see our FAQ.

Luma League is now seeking partners and funding in the developed world while developing the second generation of Luma League Lights and Luma League Light Meters, along with other transferable-technology medical equipment.

Luma League is a project of Tim Z Falconer, whose background is in Systems Integration Engineering.

The project was inspired by Chris Carpenter MD’s blog, Backpacks and Stethoscopes, after  Chris called my office to ask for assistance in making a “bili light” out of “parts I can get at the hardware store”.


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