Friends of Luma League

Make Magazine, the Make Blog, and Maker Faire: Oodles of fun and inspiring projects and thinking about making stuff. Luma League will have a booth at Maker Faire on May 19th and 20th where you can come and solder LED’s into a real bili light!

Zetta Tech Science: Shumit Dasgupta is an innovator and science educator. His company, Zetta Tech Science, is working with Luma League to develop programs that combine education with Luma League kits.

Brightworks: An Extraordinary School. I have been collaborating with Gever Tulley, founder of Brightworks, on the educational aspects of this project from the beginning, and spent two weeks there as Artist In Residence while making the revised Luma League Light Meters.

Chris Carpenter MD: Backpacks and Stethoscopes. Chris’s blog is my inspiration. I would never have gotten into this if Chris had not blogged so consistently, so passionately, and so honestly.

Lisa Dickey, The Adventures of Dr. Carpenter & Ms. Dickey: Lisa’s blog is a great source of insight in life on the ground in international development in medical organizations.

HEAL Africa: The Congolese organization that runs one of only two tertiary-care hospitals in the Eastern D.R. Congo, and more than 90 clinics in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

IPOP: The International Pediatric Outreach Project has sent many doctors and nurses on medical missions around the world, and through which Chris (and Josh and Mary and…) went to Heal Africa Hospital in Goma, DR Congo.

Global Healing: A medical NGO based in Berkeley, with some amazing and innovative programs.

Mary Le, RN: Nurse and great blogger who spent a lot of time at Heal Africa Hospital in Goma.

UCSF Medical Center: a great place for medical research in the SF Bay Area, and home to Dr. Ted Ruel and IPOP.

Mission Pictures: Better Films for a Better World. Mission Pictures creates great films for good people, specializing in “Videos for nonprofits (and others who care)”. Soon to come: a short piece on Luma League!

Shimmin Design: Melissa Shimmin herself designed Luma League’s new web page (updated 4/1/2012). And soon to come… Stickers!