Bruce from Tennessee saw the post on the Make Magazine blog in March and contacted me to ask if there was any way he could help. I soon found him to be a great ally. He’s interested in helping to make circuit boards for the bili lights, and after a flurry of emails back and forth, today I received the first prototype PCB (or actually “Milled Circuit Board”, as it was actually done on a CNC router) in the mail. We’re well on our way to having circuit boards that will make bili lights even simpler to produce!

Thanks Bruce!

The Vanderbilt-Guatemala Connection

Becca Hudson, a student in the Biomedical program at Vanderbilt University, contacted me a couple of months ago about making a bili light to take to Guatemala. In true Tinkering spirit, she modified the design to suit her needs, and made a beautiful bili light that is now in use in Guatemala. Here are a few pictures from Becca. One shows Becca with Sergio, the chief engineer

Cynthia Paschal, Becca’s teacher in Biomedical Engineering, said:

“The light was indeed a success and was delivered to Hospital Nacional de Pedro de Bethancourt [English translation] in Antigua, Guatemala

I look forward to getting more updates from Vanderbilt and Guatemala.


Soldering at Chabot

Luma League was at Chabot Space and Science Center on Saturday, April 14th. Here are a few photos from the day. Fourteen people, 11 of them under 11 years old, contributed their time and talents to solder an LED board that will be going into a Luma League Phototherapy Light for one of our partner hospitals in the developing world.

Want to get involved? You can Volunteer to teach soldering at Luma League’s booth at Maker Faire, coming up in three weeks! No prior experience needed, we’ll be holding training sessions for volunteers.